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Zappo Customer Service


My experience this morning went as follows:


My call was answered on the 2nd ring automatically, I was told I would put on hold and my call would be answered shortly.  I was asked if I would like to hear the joke of day.  Of course I pressed 5 to hear the joke:


What do you call a cow that won’t give Milk?


A Milk Dud


Melissa then picked up my call, she asked me my name, was I a returning customer?  How could she assist me?


The first pair of running shoes I requested was out of my size, we searched a few more pairs in my price range and size.  I settled on a very close replacement to the ones I initially called about.  She also let me know she could e-mail me if that shoe ever comes available in my size again……good idea.


She gathered all my information for shipping, processed the credit card, REPEATED back to me all the information needed to complete the order.

Confirmed the spelling of my name and your name was correct.

Confirmed shipping information twice.

and upgraded shipping too!