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Why does Direct to Garment Printing have a Setup fee?

Actual Response to a customer:

This is an actual email back to a customer that was complaining about a $40.00 setup fee for a Kornit.

Dear Customer:

We pride ourselves on quality work for the past 39 years. When you get a shirt from us it will be exactly what you wanted.  You will work with our graphic artist that has 30 years experience. You will be assigned a customer service rep, Tracy, that has 10 years in the industry.

The Kornit printers cost $200,000 and are the premier printer in the industry.

In order to keep up the high-quality product and service, we need to pay our employees and maintain our equipment.

$40.00 is a bargain for the hassle free ordering and experience you will receive.

There are many online printers that can waive all setup fees.

Looking forward to a partnership with you,

Response from Customer:

Thank you for the response, when there is an explanation it makes it easy to realize the $40.00 set-up fee worth.

Erik’s Comment:

I am the Operations Manager at Northwest Custom Apparel and I get so frustrated when customers don’t realize the value of our services. Customers these days think they can wheel and deal on orders. We publish a price list based on our costs and profits and that is what we charge. Companies go out of business by giving away direct to garment printing. My advice if you have a Kornit printer, “Do not whore yourself out on price”

Erik Mickelson

Operations Manager

Northwest  Custom Apparel  feel free to call me and chat about any questions 253-922-5793