Apparel Graphic Academy

What is Raster Art

Raster art it used in Digital to Garment printing. Its a type of art  made up of tiny Pixels much like a photograph that the digital printer interprets so it can be printed on a tee shirt.

A high tech digital printer (Kornit) cannot read vector art and translate it to its printing memory. The type of art needed is referred to as raster art. Raster art takes a unique conversion program to translate Adobe Illustrater, Corel Draw, or other drawing programs into a usable digital printing format.

Raster art cannot be manipulated like a vector drawing. Think of a scanned photograph where the elements cannot be cut, manipulated, or pasted together. Raster art is raw art in its pixel format. It is very critical that the vector art be complete and the actual size of the design to be printed before starting the conversion program.

Art to be rasterized must be clean and at least 300 dpi. Too many times do we receive art which has been copied from the internet.  Most internet art is 72 dpi which is too low a resolution for digital printing. Art off the internet cannot be manipulated or changed in other words “don’t take art of the internet.”

The major benefit of raster art is that it only has to be done once. No reset up charges ever once the design is done. Screen printing will always result in a set up charge on reorder. An average 6 color design will generally cost $120.00 on screen print re order.

Jim Mickelson DTG expert