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WSU Embroidery Outfits Washington State University Traveling Cougars

The Washington State Traveling Cougars is owned and operated by long-time alumni Linda Finch. The traveling cougars go to all WSU home and away games. The travel to the University of Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, USC, and Washington (BOO Huskies).

The WSU Traveling Cougars buy custom embroidered travel apparel from Northwest Custom Apparel in Seattle, WA. Their first apparel order was in 2002 when the Cougars visited the Sun Bowl in Texas. The Cougs won the game, and now Mike Price is in the Sun Bowl hall of fame for the most wins in Sun Bowl history.

For the Sun Bowl trip, the Traveling Cougs bought charcoal-colored fleece vests from their number 1 custom embroidery service, Northwest Custom Apparel. This is a smaller-sized embroidery order. They ordered 5 Mediums, 1 Large, 11 XXL, and 5 XXL. Their design was the traveling cougar logo with Butch.

The next trip was to the WSU Cougars in the Rose Bowl.  This was when Linda had a bunch of Coug Alumni in her group. I believe she chartered 2 737 planes for the group.  Linda ordered WAZZU printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and ringer tee shirts.

The embroidery order was HUGE for the Rose Bowl: 300 Stadium Blankets, 72 jackets, and 144 baseball caps.

Order Your WSU Embroidered Apparel at Your Local Embroidery Shop

You can purchase your WSU traveling gear or alumni custom embroidery at Seattle’s Northwest Custom Apparel. They are family owned and operated by WSU Cougar Alumni since 1977. The owner Jim Mickelson is the 1996 WSU Cougar Dad of the year. Factory direct WSU embroidered blankets, jackets, beanies, caps, and more. Cougar Nation says, “Go, Cougs.”

Did you know that over 20,000 students attend WSU every year? That’s a lot of Cougar pride! With such a large alumni base, it’s no wonder they turn to Seattle’s Northwest Custom Apparel for their custom embroidery needs. Founded by 1996 WSU Cougar Dad of the Year Jim Mickelson, this family-owned and operated business has been around since 1977. Here are some of the items they offer:

* WSU Embroidered Blankets
* Jackets
* Beanies
* Caps
* And more

The Northwest Custom Apparel team is dedicated to providing quality products at

How to book a trip with Linda?

Linda Finch: 253-927-8207 or sho

Traveling to a WSU away game is an exciting experience! With Linda Finch, you can make it even more special by booking your trip with her. She’s experienced and knowledgeable of the best destinations, hotels, and restaurants near Pullman, WA. You can reach out to Linda by calling 253-927-8207 or shoot her an email.

Plus, you can show off your school spirit with custom-embroidered WSU apparel from Northwest Custom Apparel. Whether it’s a jacket, hat, or sweatshirt, they have something perfect for any fan. So why not add a little extra flair to your getaway? Book with Linda, sport stylish apparel, and you’ll be ready for a memorable football game experience.

So if you want to show off your Cougar pride while traveling, they have you covered! Go Cougs!

How to book a trip with Linda?

Linda Finch: 253-927-8207 or shoot her an email:

WSU Traveling Cougars is owned and operated by Linda Finch
WSU Traveling Cougars