Apparel Graphic Academy

Vector art

Northwest Custom Apparel has started using vector art from overseas companies. We never knew how easy and fast some of the larger design studios are in India.

The quality of work is unreal. The artists are  so trained in vectoring anything we send them. All within 2 days. Its like having a 100 person art staff. The turn around is always less than two days.

We used to have at a three person art staff. Asking them to do anything extra was like herding cats. Attendance was irregular. Its like they wanted us to adjust our schedules to their whims. All are very talented individuals.

They were really fun to work with. I used the term were in the past tense because they are no longer on our payroll. This what is happening to  domestic labor. The digital and technical age has spoiled our young people. Everyone expects to get a six figure salary. It just doesn’t work that way. Tee shirt customers just won’t pay the high domestic set up charges.

We use a company called Q digitizing in Mumbai India. The turn around is 48 hours or less. We pay $25.00 for a complete vector graphic and $25.00 for a left chest digitized file.

Our sales staff is trained in placing orders with our Indian sister company. They place the order and when it comes back complete we forward the design to our customer for approval. Once approved we are ready to go.

Editing is a snap. We can get same day edits and the company works 24 hour days.

All this ditty  is a little piece of advise to help your company grow.