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Used Embroidery Machines a real deal

Used embroidery machines

Buying a used embroidery machine is like purchasing a used car. The option of hitting a home run and getting a perfectly usable machine is risky but it is plausible. With the soft market today it is a must to look at the used machine market.

Right now the demand for used embroidery machines is soft. This makes the opportunity to purchase a solid used machine is achievable. Right now a used 4 or 5 year old machine will save the buyer at least 50%.

Since the introduction of multihead machines having color change capability the demand has been strong. Salesmen were selling machines with “a license to print money” attached to the sales pitch. Sales were strong but now the market is flooded with used equipment. Sales are definitely soft. It is a buyers market. NW Custom apparel has a 12 head on the market for $6,000.00.

You need to do marketing

The businesses who made capital investments in embroidery machines heard the sirens call of super profits which would never stop. Nobody thought that you also have to do some marketing. Once the service clubs and churches were sold it was time to go to work.

Price suffers

The first thing to suffer was product price. Machines started to appear in sewing rooms and garages which created a small company with low overhead. These outfits started the prices going downhill.

Excess Machines

The next big killer and creator of excess machines is the internet. Websites are cheaper and easier to build than a expensive storefront. Websites are now so professional that a potential customer thinks they are buying from a major corporation. Actually it is someone working out of their garage.

Getting back to buying a used machine. The best possible opportunity is to find someone who is frustrated (they are out there) and make a ridiculous offer. They might bite realizing they have made a bad business decision. These are people who should of never got into the business in the first place.

To find these opportunities you should follow these simple steps

  • Visit a chat room and make your desires known
  • Join a embroidery group on face book.
  • Surf the web for used embroidery machines
  • Check with leasing companies who have had to take them back
  • Check with distributors who have an excess of used equipment.

Finally when you make your offer you should spend a little extra and get a technician to give it an inspection. When that is done use your marketing skills and make the machine pay for itself.