Apparel Graphic Academy

Use Shopworks to Manage Embroidery Orders

Currently we are managing orders by counting boxes on the factory floor. This system doesn’t give our production management (Gail and Stacy) a full view of what is actually in process.

We need to change our box system to a system where we manage by paper and utilize the computer. We can now do this with the new Shopworks program.

Our new shopworks has the capability of printing reports by category (caps, embroidery, digital etc.). We can also use the computer to manage what is in process. All data can be reviewed on the screen.

We now are going to start managing production by printing hard copy (paper reports) to manage by. Gail and Stacy will now have something other than boxes to manage by.

Changes we are making:

Mark is going to set up a reporting system for Gail and Stacy in which they can print all orders that are their responsibility. These reports should be printed and referred to on a daily basis. Daily because our production schedule and orders change every day. We will now be able to identify exceptions and orders which need extra attention. (Rush orders, back orders, orders behind schedule)

This will improve our planning because we will now review orders and not look for boxes on the floor.

On Monday in our production meeting Stacy and Gail will have their respective reports printed to discuss with the sales group. The production department will take the lead in these meetings. Points of discussion will be orders behind schedule, goods not physically received in the factory, orders shipped but still showing up in production, backorders, shortages, etc.

These are the reports we will discuss on our Monday morning production meeting. Gail and Stacy will have reports ready for discussion at the Monday morning production meetings.