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Top T-Shirt Printers Of 2023 Revealed!

T-Shirt Printers Top Choices

The custom t-shirt printing industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with more and more individuals and businesses seeking to create unique and personalized garments. With this increase in demand, the market has become saturated with numerous printing companies, making it difficult to determine which ones offer the best quality and service.

This article will reveal the top custom t-shirt printers in 2023, compiled by Erik Mickelson, Operations Manager at Northwest Custom Apparel. This list features companies that offer state-of-the-art equipment, experienced artists, and a variety of printing options to cater to the diverse needs of customers. These companies have been selected based on quality, customer satisfaction, and pricing.

Whether you need a small order or bulk printing, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best custom t-shirt printing company. So, without further ado, let us dive into the top custom t-shirt printers in 2023.

Companies and Rankings

The article lists the top custom t-shirt printing companies of 2023, along with their corresponding rankings and specific strengths.

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Northwest Custom Apparel prides itself on world-famous DTG Printing

Based on our research, it seems that Northwest Custom Apparel is the top choice for custom t-shirt printing. With a solid 46-year track record, the company boasts state-of-the-art DTG printing and embroidery equipment, along with Kornit DTG printers. Northwest Custom Apparel is known for their expertise in custom DTG t-shirts, with the added bonus of same-day delivery. They also offer a range of printing options, such as screen printing and heat transfers. Other companies on the list fall short in comparison.

Other companies include UberPrints, the best for creating your custom shirt design online, and Discount Mugs, the best for small promotional items.

Custom Ink, the biggest U.S. screen-printing company that advertises the most, is named the best if you prefer working with a larger company. Café Press is great for small orders and on-demand printing, while Spreadshirt offers unique and customizable artwork from the online artist community.

Rush Order Tees is best for short, simple t-shirt orders, and Design A Shirt offers it’s own “DAS Value” Tee and lays out delivery dates. Tee Spring is good for selling your t-shirt designs online, and Vistaprint, well-known for paper product printing, offers decent print quality for t-shirts.

Northwest Custom Apparel

Specializing in custom DTG full-color printing and embroidery Tajima embroidery machines, Northwest Custom Apparel has been in business for over 46 years. It offers diverse printing options, including screen printing, direct-to-garment digital printing, and all-over printing.

Their Kornit DTG printers are the Storm Hexa’s, the gold standard in the DTG world. Compared to other printers like Brother and Epson, Kornit is in the lead by 100 miles. So if you want quality prints with full color and have requirements for the highest prints with tight registration, think Northwest Custom Apparel.

If you’re looking for an easy way to personalize your apparel, consider Northwest’s online store program. With their single-head embroidery machines, they can create one-of-a-kind designs with a minimum order of just one cap. This program is perfect for businesses, organizations, and even individuals who want to make a branded apparel site without the hassle of collecting orders and sizes themselves. Northwest prints and fulfills your demands quickly so that you can focus on other things. Choose from various apparel options, including popular t-shirt styles like the PC61 and PC54. For those looking for a more fitted option, the Bella Canvas t-shirt is a great choice, especially for female customers. Get started today and give your apparel a personal touch!

Northwest Custom Apparel ProsNorthwest Custom Apparel Cons
Kornit DTG Printers are the Gold StandardDTG turnaround in late August is slow due to employee vacations
They answer their phonesIf your schedule is tight and you cannot spare much time for chatting with customer service representatives, you may have to keep it brief.
Longevity since 1977. They know embroidery.They are perfectionists with embroidery and sometimes don’t take on embroidery projects that will produce subpar embroidery. You may like the quality of the work, but the staff tell you it isn’t up to their standards and suggest you modify your design.
Same Owner since 1977If you are busy and don’t have much time to chat with excellent service reps you may need to cut it short.
Overall Northwest Custom Apparel is the best choice

Other Top Companies

Discount Mugs is a leading custom t-shirt printing company that offers a wide range of promotional items beyond t-shirts. The company caters to businesses looking for customized merchandise to promote their brand, including mugs, pens, and toys. This makes them a top choice for companies looking for a diverse range of promotional items in addition to t-shirts.