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Tips to sell embroidery to Police and Fire


How to sell embroidery to Police and Fire

Since we have built up all this goodwill with the donations of caps, we should now go after the police and fire. We need to find high quality product that they will buy. They don’t like the cheap stuff.


  1. Flexfit Cap: They don’t like sized caps: Department logo on front and the officer name on back or badge number.
  2. Sweatshirts: They like the heavy weight The GAME has a ¼ zip they like to buy. Terry Johnson buys these for the fire guys. Style 810, 830, 811, 8070, 8270 (there are some more at the Research it
  3. Jackets: I am not sure what type of jacket to sell. You need to research that.
  4. Beanie: The Swat teams wear beanies
  5. Screenprint: The fire department likes tee shirts and sweats. Simple lettering on back: Puyallup Fire. The front is the Maltese cross with their fire departmenet

What we need to do:

  1. Research product
  2. We have an account with the Game. Bryan needs to call the game and talk to a rep there and ask them what we should sell for Police Fire.
  • Ask about sample discounts for our showroom
  • Ask about freight in transit times. They are in NY
  • Do we get free freight
  1. Set up showroom for a police/fire
  2. Work with Scott to add a section on our website for police and fire.