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its time to fire the sales person

Is it time to fire the sales person?

Should we replace the outside sales with a website and customer services reps?

The answer is not simple but needs to be given some thought.

A strong website which answers all anticipated questions a customer might have is critical supported by a trained customer service team.

Customers assume your quality, service and price are a given.

The extras utilizing a good website are:

  • Online ordering
  • Online submission of art
  • Links to vendor supplied catalogues
  • A help line to answer questions immediately.
  • Links to videos to show the customer who you are
  • Explanation or video of the decorating process
  • On line design module.
  • Order status checking
  • Online payment when placing order

The extras are difficult for an outside sales person to control and/or address.  These extras make the sales process difficult for an outside sales person to handle. An inside customer service rep can immediately address any questions with catalogues, garment samples, free design development.

Now the decision to be made is can a company earn more with a dynamite customer service staff or an outside sales rep? An inside customer sales person can field more calls in a day that a sales rep can make in a week. The extra expenses for a sales person are eliminated when the process is brought inside.

Inside sales people can aggressively pursue new account leads with free catalogues, sample garments, or even spec art work. This part of the sales process is becoming more and more acceptable.

To put some icing on this proposition think a of good show room. Once you drive a customer to your show room you have about a 95% chance of closing the sale.

To summarize it is a not a difficult decision to make but if you have a good website prospecting 24 hours a day. At Northwest Custom Apparel our showroom is a beehive of activity and produces excellent results.