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The Toyota Way

Kaizen, The Toyota Way
Kaizen, The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way

Kaizen “continuous change for the better”

  • The “Old Way” is not always the Right Way.
  • Empower the Employees: Let them make decisions
  • New ideas to improve production. Quality, Speed, Employee Morale.
  • Continuous Improvements in the Factory

Plant Manager

  • Empower and Engage with the Workers.
    • Let workers think for themselves
    • Walk the production line and talk to workers throughout the day.
    • Proactive vs. Reactive. Develop training and quality controls, so problems don’t arise. “You aren’t putting out fires”




Team Leads: 2 Team Leaders to report to Plant Manager

  • Quality Control
  • Productivity
  • Scheduling for their Team

Develop a System

  • Quality Control: Team Leads inspect completed orders.
  • Productivity: Time Sheets for each Operator. Record the Job, Pieces, and Total Stitch count ran for the job.

Develop a Reward System

  • Productivity Reward for workers and Team Leads for total stitch counts of a Team in a week.
  • Defect Reward for ZERO Defects in a week for the team.

Types of Rewards

  • Cash
  • Time Off
  • Recognition