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Quality needles mean quality embroidery


A machine is only as good as the needle it is using.

Organ carries the largest inventory of needles for embroidery machines. Their needles are specific for any type of sewing project. Actually there is no needle specific needle for a certain type of machine. There are needles which will optimize the stitching.

is the standard needle recommended. It was originally designed for high speed operation.


The Db-K5 is the same as the 16×257 this needle has a larger eye so it can sew standard sewing thread. We recommend Robison Anton and Maderia threads for excellent performance. Embroidery threads are fluffier and need the bigger eye for this thread which also has less tensile strength.

Ball Point and Sharp Point needles

Two type of needle points should be considered for any project needlesundertaken. They are Ball Point and Sharp Point.

Ball Point

The ball point should be used on knit goods or loosely woven materials. This needle will spread the fibers when sewing and not cut into the material. We recommend using the thinnest needle available for loose fabrics.


The DBx9ST is used for extreme situations when heavier than normal thread is used. The eye of this needle is 2 sizes larger than a regular needle. You can run yarn through this needle.


The DBx7ST is designed for metallic threads. The eye of the needle is shaped like a rectangle which facilitates the passage of the metallic thread.


The DB-K5ss needle has all the eye features of the D-K5 but the point has a very narrow wedge to allow sewing through leather. Deco Source does not like sewing leather because of the cost of damage is too great. This needle will work great on leather if you want to take the chance.

Cool Sew needle

The Cool-Sew needle is specially treated with non stick material to reduce the build of fibers when using synthetic threads. When synthetic threads pass though the eye of a needle they create friction. Using a cool-sew needle the friction is reduced.

Decosource uses needles which are treated with cool-sew.

Best advice there is no firm fast rule to solving needle problems. Experimentation to solve the problem is the best tack to take. Keep a small inventory of needles and experiment.