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Teamwork brings success

Teamwork is the key to success.

Have you ever been on a sports team which can seem to loose and you don’t have any superstars on the team. This is what is known as playing as one to achieve the goal of winning. Think hard because this is how winners perform.

Do you have team work in your business or do you have a bunch of superstars who keep you on edge as to what they are going to do next. Superstars are great but ask yourself how many problems do they create. Superstars keep the whole team on edge.

But how would it be if you had a whole team of superstars that weren’t arrogant and hung in there together. This is what makes a winning team.

Corral the superstar

If a business wants to get ahead the superstar must be corralled in so the rest of the team can function as a team. Our team in 1992 and many are splant-group-photo-2009till with us

This sounds cruel but it is a fact. Northwest Custom Apparel has no arrogant superstars on it team,

It’s so important to create a vision for the team to show how things should work. You have to talk about what should happen and create examples for the team to see the message. You don’t want individuals on your team who pollute the other members.

One thing to take into consideration is that team members must learn to delegate. Delegation shows that you trust members on your team. It is a great confidence1992-picture builder when you make other team members feel that they can trust you.

1992 team photo. Some are still with us.

Your employees will stay when your team is together.carolin-30-years

Asking for help is not a crime. Team members must be taught they can ask for help without any blow back. This is how you take a new member of your team and build confidence. Ask the rookie questions and he or she will start feeling confident that you feel comfortable working with them.

Communication is so important in keeping a team together. Weekly meetings are a must. Sometimes morning kick off meeting are perfect. Northwest Custom Apparel has meetings to keep staff informed from management down to the rookie in the shop.

Remember with team work you will win or loose together. Common sense says there is no room for a prima donna if you want to build  a team. Northwest Custom apparel is a one team company.