Apparel Graphic Academy

Branded apparel increases sales

Branded Apparel increases sales. Direct to Garment printing (DTG) is a new method of decorating apparel. The most common item decorated using DTG is a tee shirt or a hooded sweat shirt. Historically apparel decoration was done by silk screening. This is still a popular method of decorating especially for

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Teamwork brings success

Teamwork is the key to success. Have you ever been on a sports team which can seem to loose and you don’t have any superstars on the team. This is what is known as playing as one to achieve the goal of winning. Think hard because this is how winners

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NW Custom Apparel great place to work

What we want to create for employees at Northwest Custom Apparel is a work friendly environment. We ascribe to the theory of MBWA. What does MBWA mean? That’s management by walking around. The best way to make a happy employee is to let them know that you care. If you

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