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Branded apparel increases sales

Branded Apparel increases sales. Direct to Garment printing (DTG) is a new method of decorating apparel. The most common item decorated using DTG is a tee shirt or a hooded sweat shirt. Historically apparel decoration was done by silk screening. This is still a popular method of decorating especially for

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1 Reason You Need Your Name on an Irish Pub Shirt

Be Seen During St. Patrick’s Day Do you want to stand out in the crowd during St. Patrick’s Day and have a great conversation starter?  A Custom Irish Pub T-shirt with your last name digitally printed on the front will have the women drumming up conversations with you this St. Patty’s

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Seattle Seahawks NFC Champions 2015

    Way to go Seattle Seahawks! The Seattle Seahawks knocked off Green Bay to become the NFC Champions and head to their 2nd Super Bowl.  Russell Wilson had a near perfect offense against Green Bay. Northwest Embroidery is printing NFC Championship shirts on Monday: January 19th 2015.  The design

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