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Tee, Tees and More Tees

Tees, Tees and more tees Our investment in a Kornit printer was a wise move. We purchased the unit with some reluctance because of the price. DTG Pricing You can expect to spend close to $300,000.00 for a new machine. We bit the bullet and purchased three.  We never looked […]

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Direct to Garment Printer Explodes

Direct to Garment printer explodes. This sounds crazy but it is true. We have been using DTG printers since 2009 and this one was probably just exhausted and worn out. We don’t want to name the manufacturer because we made a lot of money with that machine. We are up […]

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On Demand Direct to Garment Tee

The buzzword these days is on demand printed tees. On demand tees is a new term to promote direct to garment printing. (DTG printing) DTG printing is a completely different process from regular silk screen printing. It is different because DTG does not use screens in the process. The whole […]