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Erik Mickelson Photo of himself for the Apparel Graphic Academy BLOG
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About Erik Mickelson

ABOUT ERIK MICKELSON Erik Mickelson is a contributor and editor for the Apparel Graphic Academy blog.  Currently, Erik is the Operations Manager for his family’s embroidery and direct-to-garment business. Erik grew up in the embroidery business with his father, Jim Mickelson, who founded Northwest Embroidery in 1977. Erik’s Education Undergraduate […]

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No cost advertising

Word of mouth One of the most effective means of advertising is “word of mouth.” You can’t buy and it is free. If it is free “how much does it cost?” The price for word of mouth advertising is quality, service, consistency and price. If a customer receives these they […]

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Customer Expectations on Embroidery Jobs

Have you ever had an upset customer that felt that you didn’t hold up to their expectations?  Some situations you may find yourself in when a customer picks up their embroidery order. 1. Quality of Embroidery 2. Wrong Logo 3. Wrong Thread Colors 4. Wrong Sizing 5. Wrong location of […]