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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips If you are going to get active in social media Decosource has a few tips for you to be aware of. These tips might help you grow your business. Define what you are going to focus on and blog like crazy about it. If you are selling

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Plastisol Printing Violates the Law

  Does Plastisol ink violate the law? The new Consumer Protection Safety Information Act might say you are violating the law whey you are selling printed tee to the youth market. This sounds unfair but someone in Washington DC has come up with a new regulation that is horrible for

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its time to fire the sales person

Is it time to fire the sales person? Should we replace the outside sales with a website and customer services reps? The answer is not simple but needs to be given some thought. A strong website which answers all anticipated questions a customer might have is critical supported by a

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