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Swag is a waste of marketing dollars

Promotional Products can waste Marketing Dollars

I was at a trade show earlier in the year and watched all the cheap swag that vendors were handing out. Stress balls, note pads, stickers etc. I also looked at the garbage outside the trade show where all the swag ended up. It was a total waste of marketing dollars?

Why it is a waste?

The SWAG that ended up in the dumpster was cheap “crap” that people will not keep and use. Once the swag hits the garbage your marketing impressions is literally in the garbage. Let’s take for example you bought 1,000 stupid stress balls for a buck a piece. You hand them all out at the trade show and 50% get tossed and the remainder get passed onto a friend or they sit in the back seat of a car.  Wouldn’t it make sense to find a promo product that the person will actually use and you will get your marketing dollars working?

Give out stuff people want

If you have $1,000 to burn for marketing exposure, you should give out less items and make it a higher quality item. What if you got some high quality t-shirts that have a perceived value of $20.00 and only gave out 50 of them to your best customers. The customers would wear these 5 times and each time 50 people saw the shirt. That is a lot of marketing impressions.

Quality Writing Instruments

Stop giving out the cheap ass Bic Sticks that people have a million of. Like the t-shirt find a high quality pen and give that out. People will keep a nice pen and actually use it.  Quality pens can range from $3.00 to $5.00 each with your company logo imprinted on the barrel of the pen. This is a great idea to stretch your marketing dollars.

Do Social Media instead

Maybe scratch giving out anything and take that money to promote your company through social media. You can buy Facebook ads and target customers you want to see your product. The cost per impression is very low (like one cent per view). So maybe go that route and give up the expensive trade shows.

Just think before you waste your marketing dollars.