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Surprise Lake Middle School Robotics Team

Northwest Custom Apparel, the leader in printed t-shirts, congratulates the Surprise Lake Middle School Boys and Girls Robotics Team. The robotics team had a competition on December 12th 2015 and did an outstanding job representing the Middle School and the City of Milton.

Northwest Embroidery created a mini-website for the robotics team to order on. The website featured a 6.1 oz t-shirt in the color ash. The Surprise Lake Robotics team logo was printed on the front of the shirt. The boys and girls had different logos to show their team spirit. The mini-website made it easy for the parents to purchase using their credit cards over a secure connection. The days of collecting money from the members is over when using the mini-webstores.  Once, the orders were collected and paid for, NW Custom Apparel printed the t-shirts using their direct to garment printers. The shirts were then separated by students name in individually packed boxes. The distribution to the robotic team members was smooth and nobody misplaced their t-shirt. Here is a sample of what the mini-website looked like.


min-website, nw custom apparel, robotics team
The Surprise Lake Robotics team used a mini-website, created by NW Custom Apparel to collect and place their orders for their robotic team shirts

The printing process of the t-shirts uses direct to garment technology, which is 100% water-based. The nice thing about the ink, is that it doesn’t have all the chemicals like traditional screen printing does. This ink is 100% green and parents like it because it is safe for their kids.

If you want to go 100% green there are Organic Cotton T-Shirts on the market place. However, the price is considerably much higher. Many schools do want to make a “GREEN” statement and use the organic t-shirts with water-based ink.

Robotics used with the Kornit printer. The Kornit direct to garment printer is built using Robotics. The X and Y access are controlled just like a robot. Direct to Garment is here and is here to stay.

If you haven’t seen direct to garment printing check out this video we created for the Surprise Lake Robotics Competition. You will see the printer in the video along with the drying process for the t-shirt.  Remember, if you want a mini-website and 100% green printed t-shirts, give NW Custom Apparel a call.

Here are some photos from the Robotics Competition held on December 12th 2015

Robotics Team
Northwest Custom Apparel, congratulates the Surprise Lake Robotics team on their success in their competition on December 12th 2015