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Comments Involving the Tacoma Police Officer from the Police Facebook Page.

Comment from Steve: I don’t blame the officer one bit. They wouldn’t get out of the way so he tried backing up. They then surrounded his car and started beating on it. He then plowed forward. Good job officer!!!

Comment from Dave: The officer was sent to disperse a crowd of street racers.Instead of leaving, they decided the Cop was the problem. After they threatened his life, they swore and complained about the consequences of their actions.

Comment from Dawn: I totally agree with the police officers! Just because they are police officers doesn’t mean they have to take abuse or even be attacked! The THUGS are lucky he didn’t shoot them!Maybe the government should prosecute these THUGS and we would have less THUGS taunting the police officers!LOCK THEM UP NOW

  • Comment from Jeanie: Horrible headline, they were surrounding his car beating on it and the windows. What was he suppose to do, sit there and wait for them to get in and beat him or worse? Unbelievable mentality today! He did what anyone else would do and get away. Don’t let these degenerates play the victim card. That’s what is wrong today.

From Mitch: The action of the officer was 100% justifiable. Now they should identify as many of those attackers as they can from his camera and of course those who were injured when he ran them over and get them arrested for insurrection

  • Comment by Ron: City big shots pick the mob over the police officer. It’s Washington state, alright. Could this be one of those “insurrections” we hear so much about these days?