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Social Media, not salesmen

Hiring salesmen in hopes to increase the value of your business is dead wrong. Salesmen are too expensive and they can leave and take accounts at anytime. You are not adding value to your company’s brand by hiring a a bunch of commissioned salesmen. Salesmen can be loose cannons that don’t follow the rules and end up going rouge and bringing your company to its knees.

The best way to run your business is by increasing your presence in social media and the web. The trick is to build value in your social media contacts. Give your social followers some type of value on why to folllow your company.  You have to give first before asking for the sale. It is a like boxing. You have to jab jab jab and then the right hook. The right hook is asking for the sale.  Many companies go directly for the knock out punch which is disaster on social media.  You make yourself look like a used car salesman with no code of ethics.

Social media has to be ongoing and must be done daily. Some ideas for social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Blogs.  These social media platforms talk to each other and the Google algorithm knows that they are linked back to your main company website.  Generally, it takes around 3-4 months to get things moving on social media to see results of more visitors to your website.

The days of having salesmen driving around and dropping off catalogs and showing samples are over. It is too expensive to hire an outside salesforce and put them on the road. Most salesmen are not company people and are only in it for themselves. They will lie to the customer and cheat the apparel company they work for.  Do not build your company around outside salespeople because down the line they will put you out of business.