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Small orders make money

Do small orders really make money. The answer is a resounding yes.

This morning I was in a small boutique selling apparel with designs generic to the surrounding area.

In conversation with the shop owner her biggest complaint was minimum order quantities from suppliers. To order a selection of custom designs she had to order 48 pieces of each design. This practically wiped out her open to buy for the whole year. It is pretty expensive if you want your store to have a good selection but the turnover is brutal.

The answer to this inventory problem is “Just in time printing.” ¬†Being able to offer small minimums with a big selection of designs makes the sales process that much easier. As a supplier it is important to come up with the best deal for your customer. We allow our customers to order small quantities to try out a new design. We ven allow our customers to create can their own line without a large investment.

This why we switched to DTG technology. Northwest uses the Kornit DTG printer for “print on demand” orders. The service we offer is second to none. We offer a wide selection of designs customized for a small shop owner. Small orders are the answer to How to make money, answer ” a little profit a lot of times.”

Being able to offer small orders with a big selection of designs for the resort market is really exciting. Shop owners can take advantage of purchasing a wide selection of apparel without the risk of loading up on minimum order requirements.

Rather than 48 of one design they can now have 8 designs of 6 pieces each.

Jim Mickelson

Northwest Custom Apparel