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Small order Screen Printing

Small order printing

Small order screen printing is a market most screen printers will not undertake. The problem with small orders is the preparation, set up involved and clean up.


Small order challenge

Decosource has accepted this challenge by investing in two Kornit direct to garment printers. We made the decision to go this route because of the following comparisons we make before our purchase.

Set up time

For example setting up a 4 color project takes time. The art has to be completed; the screens have to be made. One screen is necessary for each color and one extra screen for the white under base. Inks have to be mixed to meet the color requirements. A press check is necessary first before the printing can start. At this point in the process the design is tweaked to make sure all colors are correct.
Once the printing is completed it is clean up time. All the screens have to be washed and made ready for the next job.

Multi color designs

Another major problem with screen printing if there are a lot of colors in the design it is might take more screens than the screen printer has in inventory. The majority of screen printers have carousals that have less than six color stations. Multi color jobs at times are lost.
Another draw down for screen printing is that the inks do contain carcinogens. There have been studies done which indicate these inks are harmful to children under the age of 12 years.

Compare DTG to Screen Print

Now let’s take a look at direct to garment printing. This is commonly referred to as DTG printing.
The process for DTG printing is first prepare good art work. This can be done and reviewed on your computer screen. Tweaking is easy using adobe illustrator or photo shop.

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When art is approved it is time to point and click. All that is necessary is to click and load in the computer which drives the Direct to Garment printer.
Printing is very simple. All the hard work is done in the art department. The DTG printer can print as many colors as needed. Clean up when done is just a wipe down of the platen.

Load design in minutes

Orders can be set up and loaded in minutes which save a tremendous amount of labor. When you compare the set up for a screen print order to a DTG order it is a no brainer. The result is more money to invest in a good artist.

Purchase a Kornit

To summarize when using a DTG printer hire a good artist. Invest in a name brand printer (Kornit) and you are on your way to having a successful business.