Apparel Graphic Academy

Shipping and Receiving Job Description Idea

Shipping and Receiving Job Description

Hours: 8:30 to 5pm

Lunch: 11:30 to 12:30pm

Breaks: 2- 10 minute breaks.

Overall Basic Expectations:

  1. Arrive to work on time
  2. Basic math skills: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication and Division
  3. Basic English writing and reading skills. Spelling, Reading and writing simple sentences.
  4. Communication skills: You should be able to communicate clearly to other coworkers, customers and supervisors orally.
  5. Basic Computer Skills: Maneuver around Microsoft Windows. UPS World Ship, Shopworks basics.
  6. Physically: You should be able to lift over 60lbs. You should be able to stand on your feet for 8 hours a day.

$ Basic Job:

  1. Count in goods and ship out goods
  2. Knowledge of Shopworks and the UPS world ship
  3. Identify different products that Northwest Embroidery sells
  4. Understand work orders and purchase orders.
  5. You clean the bathrooms and make sure everything is clean. You clean when you are done with your shipping and receiving duties.


$$ Intermediate

  1. You are able to complete all the above tasks of the $ Basic Job.
  2. You understand Microsoft Windows, Shopworks, Word and UPS computer
  3. Your attendance is 100%

$$$ Novice:

You are able to complete all the above tasks of $ Basic Job and the $$ Intermediate:

  1. You understand how to ship goods via the Post Office
  2. You understand Bill of Ladings and calling truck lines and couriers for pick up.
  3. You bring new ideas to the table to make your job more efficient.
  4. You understand computers, Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Access.
  5. You know all the Northwest Embroidery product
  6. You know how to process returns to vendors.

$$$$ Expert:

You are able to complete all the above tasks of $ Basic Job, the $$ Intermediate and the $$$ Novice Job.

  1. Understand the Blank Garment Inventory module in Shopworks
  2. Understand the Preprint Inventory module in Shopworks.
  3. Understand everything about computers and the modules that pertain to your job in Shopworks.
  4. You know how to print receiving reports from Shopworks
  5. You communicate with the purchasing agent and the production manager on the flow of goods coming through.
  6. Your attendance is 100%.
  7. You come up with new ideas and implement new ideas without being told.
  8. You are error free in your job.
  9. Everything runs smoothly
  10. You need minimal supervision
  11. No garments get embroidered, when it was the wrong style of shirt that the vendor shipped.
  12. You make Carolin’s job easier, where she doesn’t have to worry if you are doing the job correctly.
  13. You are willing and able to take on new responsibilities.

Note: The above job description is a basic outline and can change at any moment.