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SGIA a DTG Sucess

Las Vegas SGIA 2016 trade show

I just returned from the SGIA Trade Show in Las Vegas today. What a show it was.

The big topic was Digital to Garment printing. There were companies all over the exhibit floor selling DTG printers. Some were good and some are actually toys.

Kornit shows off the Vulcan

Kornit was exhibiting their Vulcan printer. I witnessed it printing at the speed of over 200 shirts per hour with one operator. This is definitely the future.

I had the chance to meet some really smart people who are getting into DTG printing early. These people will be known as the pioneers in DTG printing. One interesting gentle man I met was Dinesh Wahi from Shirthub in Burnsville, Minnesota.

ShirtHub has two Avalanche printers from Kornit. They specialize in e-commerce printing. I was really impressed in that they can receive an order and ship it in 24 hours. This is what is called service.

I also met a few of the staff from an unnamed company who has 21 Kornit DTG printers. This tells us something about the future of Seattle DTG printing. It is going to be big. Running 21 Kornits full time means the market is only going to get bigger.

The big rumor is that Amazon has 16 Kornits in Texas running e-commerce orders. One year ago Amazon did not have any DTG printers. Now they are going to become a player.

Kornit and Hirsch put on a reception that was really neat complete with Vegas Show girls. We all had passes for the High Roller thanks to Kris Janowski of Hirsch. What an event. A nice party and a ride on the Big Roller.

Noted attendees from our industry included Rob Dubow, Greg Kitsen, and the Kornit Engineering team from Israel.

The topic of consumer safety came up and we all know there are regulations for printers who use toxic chemicals in their print process. It is against the law to expose children less than 12 years of age to these chemicals. Once enforcement starts you will see mass migration to DTG printing…

To summarize the SGIA show is that it was awesome and I will be back.