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How to Sell Embroidery to Costco

Excalibur Order Processing System

Northwest Embroidery proposes to establish a strategic relationship with the Costco Business Center in Fife to establish a beta test site for processing logo merchandise orders. The object is to make selling and delivering a completed logo merchandise order to the Costco Business member as simple as possible.

Ordering System

To achieve this Northwest Embroidery has developed an ordering system “Excalibur” for Costco sales associates to process logo merchandise orders efficiently and accurately. Excalibur is designed to let the sales associate enter an order, transmit the order directly to the Northwest manufacturing plant, track the order status during production, and being advised upon final completion of the order. It utilizes the “Keep It Simple System” for order management.


The system is built on a Java programming platform and utilizes the internet for a direct connect between the remote Costco Business Centers and the Northwest Embroidery manufacturing facility.

How the system works

Costco Business Center

1. Business members are given a custom catalogue that is unique to the local Business Center to choose products from.

2. A display of logo wear is available for the Business member to peruse and the sales associate to use as a sales tool.

3. The Costco sales associate is available to answer any questions and direct the business member to the on line ordering system. The Costco sales associate will be responsible for entering the information into the Excalibur system.

4. The customer selects the merchandise from the website and places their order on line with the Costco Sales Associate assisting them.

5. The Costco sales associate reviews the order for completeness and transmits it to Northwest Embroidery

6. The business center receives a positive delivery date from Northwest Embroidery and is advised of any potential production problems.

The order is transmitted via the internet to Northwest Embroidery.