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Screen printers are becoming dinosaures

Contract Screen Printing

Contract screen printing defines a company who will print garments and not require that they be purchased from them. Customers like to purchase their garments at Costco or with on line distribution companies. They then bring them to a screen shop for decorating. This way they are saving money and putting the contractor in a price cutting situation.

Internet is full of distributors

Scan the internet for blank tees and you will be surprised how many1992-picture sellers pop up.  It is upsetting the traditional distribution network. The distribution network used to be manufacturer to distributer to decorator and finally to the end user consumer.

The chain is disruptive

This chain is being disrupted because of the internet. Before the internet the distribution channels were defined. A luxury was a 800 number to get your customers to call you toll free..Free long distance was mandatory. Now with the price of telephone calls.800 numbers are becoming irrelevant.

The genie is out of the bottle and the new era of buying and selling decorated garments is here. Anyone who can build a website can put themselves in business with a limited amount of capital.

Marketing is changing

The marketing format today is search engine optimization and fightingcropped-erik-green-screen-small-for-blog.jpg for eyeballs to visit your website.

No more past dues

Credit cards removes the risk of non-payment and enhances cash flow. Net terms are getting to be a thing of the past. Why not offer lower prices when cash flow is instant using a credit card.

Most cards used today earn miles and are fast becoming the main mode of commerce. At Decosource we purchase everything on credit cards to earn our free trips.

Contract decorators are must start to wake up and realize they have to become a marketing company and not just a company who sells ink. It is so much easier to order apparel for printing and decorate it.

To summarize contract work is fast becoming the dinosaur of the apparel decorating industry. It’s time to become a marketing company and start selling and not waiting for a customer to walk in the front door.

As a further note Amazon is now is the apparel decorating business.