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Sanmar PSST Program Benefits

Sample of the  Sanmar PSST Program and Benefits. This is an actual sample of a PSST embroidery company.

Keys Take Away Topics:

  1. Using your customer list it will be important to focus on “why” your team and customer’s should care about shipping everything via the PSST program. The more orders we can get to trucks the quicker we can reduce your shared investment and secure more consistent LTL delivery times.

Only when customers ship orders via PSST does it triggers the mini “insurance policy” for that order.

–              No spoilage risks up to 2% of the order (replacement or credit still your choice using your funds)

–              No freight and handling on replacement goods.

–              No restock fees.  Saving up to 20% in fees.   Plus original inbound freight if it did not ship PSST.

–              A direct response team to fix any issue eliminating the need, when possible, for the customer to get re-involved in an order. This is the core Benefit that has resonated with our customers the most.

* The ease of process without worrying about any variable cost that could hurt margins or commissions.   Everyone loves the easy button when it comes to selling an order.


  1. The Spoilage/Marketing fund use: A use it or lose it fund.  Contact me for specific details on utilization

–              Intent is to replace or credit the Industry standard 2% damage risk for customers on Sanmar orders.

–              Sample promotions to drive embellishment awareness and increase production time on your equipment

–              Up to 30% of the fund can be used towards the Marketing offers attached to help market your services

~ You must pay the marketing company direct.

~ Ad must mention of Sanmar and the PSST benefits.

~ Send a copy of the paid invoice to your Sanmar support team or and we will post a credit to your net account to use towards future purchases for the allowable amount or balance available.  Sanmar is not responsible for any balance over what is available in your fund.



  1. One of a kind spec sampling offer.  Only through a PSST decorator can customers get up to 50% off all year

– Drive opportunities into your shop and compete against suppliers who over up to 50% off for spec samples.

– Flip accounts and secure art through sample sew outs.

– Use it for trade show specials and drive traffic

* I have attached the form, but let’s review how it works. Customers can not send it direct to Sanmar. It must go through your team to be processed.  It must ship via PSST to your location.


Can you use your spoilage funds (77)? Yes if you want to do a spec sample run at no charge.   It is billed at case price.  No discounts are available when using the fund.  Be careful with how much you use it for this reason.  You still need funds for other marketing initiatives, but mostly for spoilage and it could cost you more as the year goes on if these funds are exhausted early.


Why  do you have to place the spec sample order for your contract customers? 

–  So the spec sample program is used as intended, for decorated spec samples.  We already have solutions for blank sampling needs, but Sanmar does not decorate and our customers want decorated samples at a discount to help them drive opportunities with their customers.

–  To make sure you understand the opportunity and want the business opportunity being presented.

–  To make sure it ships via PSST.

–  So that the customer cannot ship goods to their end user blank or to another decorator.


How does this work? 

–  You send them the attached form with your information already prefilled, so they remember to return it to you (they cannot send it direct to Sanmar!)

–  Your team sends it to your Sanmar AE support team. Discount codes can only be applied by your SanMar support  team.

–   We process the order at the unique discounts and bill you.

–  The order must ship via PSST!

–  You merge your set up and run charge with the cost of the goods and bill the customer.

–  Customer pays you and you pay us.

* A creative practice would be to find a way to cover a spec sample cost, if it turns into an order, offer a credit toward future spec sample opportunity.


2014 PSST Recap:

  1. # of new Customers: 0
  2. # of Customers Using the PSST program: 87
  3. Freight and Handling costs customers paid on goods shipping to your location:  $1,510. Down about  55 %.

*This number may indicate a need to continue to educate your customers on “why ship everything via PSST” highlighted above.

  • # of orders: 4,129 up at about 7%
  • # of orders shipping to you via PSST: 2,345 out of 4,129 eligible from your default warehouse. 1,784 did not that could have. That is 57% of eligible orders shipping via the PSST program.

*A great effort.  National average is between 85-95%.  We need your continued help and support in driving the importance of shipping as many orders as possible via the program. (see customer tab for those not shipping via the PSST program. A great place to start your reminder calls)

  1. Total # of units shipped to your shop:
  2. Average order size: $208. About the same.  Our national average is between $300-$500
  3. Total volume shipped to you: $859,541. Up at about 5%


2014 Investment: Your investment will remain the same at $50/week for this service.


2014 Spoilage/Marketing Fund: Goes up to $3,000.


2015 Goal: Hit the $1MM level and take the cost $0/year.