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Rush orders same day garment printing

Rush order same day printing

Slowing coming to the forefront is Digital to Garment printing. Basically
DTG printing is a souped up laser jet printer with special ink developed for this decorating process. The new technology is fantastic and is slowly working itself into the decorating industry.

The basic reasons that you can count on DTG printing to accommodate rush orders is as follows:

  • Art work if very easy to a process for printing
  • Good art gets good results (prefer 300 dpi graphics)
  • We like corel draw or adobe illustrator
  • Finished art is transferred to the printer via a wireless connection
  • Printer reads the design and is ready to print

    Vulcan, Kornit, DTG
    The new Kornit Vulcan Printer will be available Summer 2016
  • Load tee shirt and push start button
  • The printer can print unlimited colors with ease
  • Once printed the shirt is run through a dryer and the process is complete
  • Shirt is ready to deliver to customer

Advantage of digital garment printing

The real advantages to owning a digital printer. We have two kornit Storm 2 printers and they are just wonderful. The learning process is so much easier than trying to teach yourself the screen process.

The key is to have a good artist. This is the most important part of the printing process. Good art gets excellent results

The machine is 100% environmentally friendly. There are no polluted inks to dispose of. Employees are now working in a clean environment.

The work flow is smooth and there are no messy inks.

Multicolor art with no screen set ups is a real deal closer. Can you imagine a 20 color print on 12 shirts. This will never get done by a traditional screen printer.

Repeat orders

The repeat order is as simple as pulling a shirt off the shelf and printing. No set up because the design in our design data base.

Customers can now order what they need because there is no minimum requirements. However don’t bring us too many of those 1 piece orders.

To sum it up

Same day printing is available and can be done from Deco Source