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Rich Jacobs Sets us Straight on San Mar’s PSST Program

San Mar PSST Program

If you are in the apparel graphic industry you know what the PSST program is (Pack it separately and shipped together). This is San Mar’s way of shipping cheaper and keeping orders organized for the printer and embroider.

Rich Jacobs, West Coast Rep

I spoke with Rich Jacobs who was recently promoted to the West Coast Rep of the San Mar PSST Program by Mark Bailey.  Rich stopped by Northwest Custom Apparel  on May 6th 2016 to discuss all the cool new things coming out with the PSST program. Since the inception of the PSST program, the sales have increased to over 300 Million Dollars per year. That is the amount of product that is shipped from San Mar to decorators around the country.  Mark Bailey was the person that convinced Marty Lott and Jeremy Lott of San Mar to take on this program.

What’s New with PSST

San Mar recently updated their computer systems for the Seattle and Reno Warehouses. You will be seeing a new packing slip on all the boxes, that will have more product detail that will help your receiving clerk process boxes quicker.

Warehouse pick systems are upgraded in the Sanmar warehouses. The pickers will be wearing headsets that tell them what aisle and box to pull the shirts from. To reduce mis-picks the warehouse separates styles and colors, so they are not next to each other. The picker has a less chance of pulling the wrong size of that color. This warehouse system is the same as Amazon uses.

Sanmar has new reps to help coordinate the shipments. Northwest Custom Apparel is now working with Lola who is an expert in shipping logistics.

Instant Messaging Your Reps

Erik suggested to Rich that they should have a instant messaging system, so customers can IM their reps. This will allow customers to ask quick questions faster without having to call or send a lengthy email. Rich will be passing this suggestion up to Marty and Jeremy Lott.

Thank You!

Once again, we would like to say thank you to Rich Jacobs and Marty Lott. Rich is currently living down in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 9th hole of a PGA golf course.