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Reasons To Not Supply An Embroidery Shop With Your Garments

When personalizing your clothing, embroidery is a beautiful and sophisticated way to express yourself. However, you might be tempted to supply your garments to an embroidery shop to save money or use your favorite pieces.

While this may seem like a good idea at first glance, there are several reasons why it’s better to let the experts handle everything from sourcing the garments to adding those finishing touches.

This article will explore the potential risks and pitfalls of providing your garments to embroidery shops like Northwest Custom Apparel. From hygiene concerns to quality control issues, understanding these factors will help you make informed decisions and ensure that your custom apparel project goes smoothly from start to finish.

So please sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the ins and outs of why it’s best for vendors to supply their garments when it comes time for embroidery customization!

Embroidery Shops Could Damage Your Garments

You might want to think twice before handing over your clothing to an embroidery shop, as there’s a chance they could end up damaged. There is a 2% damage/error rate in the embroidery industry, which means that issues can arise when customizing your garments.

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It’s easier to buy the complete package from your embroidery shop

When you provide your items for embroidery, you’re taking a risk that they might become unusable due to errors or mishaps in production.

Northwest Custom Apparel encourages clients not to supply their garments because it is difficult to maintain quality control and ensure cleanliness when dealing with customer-supplied items.

Instead, they recommend purchasing high-quality products from vendors specializing in creating garments specifically designed for embroidery. By opting for vendor-supplied garments, recovery from potential mistakes becomes much simpler and more cost-effective for you and the embroidery shop.

Needle Breaks Can Ruin Your Shirts

It’s heartbreaking when needle breaks occur, potentially ruining those precious shirts you worked so hard to find. Needle breaks are unfortunate in the embroidery industry and can happen for various reasons, such as a dull or bent needle, improper stabilizer, or even machine malfunction.

When you supply your garments to an embroidery shop, you risk losing those unique and hard-to-replace items due to unforeseen complications like this. On the other hand, if you opt for vendor-supplied garments through Northwest Custom Apparel, they have established relationships with their suppliers and can easily replace damaged items.

Moreover, these vendor-provided garments are specifically designed for embroidery, making them less susceptible to issues like needle breaks. By choosing not to supply your clothes, you’ll save yourself the heartache of ruined shirts and enjoy a smoother process with higher-quality results.

Embroidery Shops Won’t replace your garments.

Imagine the disappointment of discovering your favorite shirt ruined during the embroidery process, only to learn that the shop won’t replace it – a frustrating predicament you could avoid by choosing vendor-supplied garments instead.

When you supply your garments, embroidery shops may be less likely to take responsibility for any damages or errors during production. This can leave you with a damaged item and no recourse for compensation or replacement, whereas opting for vendor-supplied garments provides more assurance regarding quality control and accountability.

By purchasing garments through a vendor recommended by the embroidery shop, you benefit from higher-quality products specifically designed for embroidery purposes and make the recovery process much more straightforward in case of any mishaps.

Vendor-provided garments are crafted with ample space and concealed pockets optimized for seamless embroidery work, ensuring better overall results. Plus, if something goes wrong during production, the shop is more likely to take responsibility when using their preferred vendors’ products than with customer-supplied items.

In short, purchasing vendor-supplied garments offers peace of mind and saves potential frustration.

Purchase Your Garments from your Embroidery Shop

Opting for garments directly from your embroidery shop ensures a fuss-free, high-quality experience tailored to your needs. By purchasing through the vendor, you can trust that the products have been specifically chosen and crafted with embroidery in mind.

These garments often feature ample, flat spaces and cleverly concealed pockets, making it easy for the embroiderer to work on them seamlessly. Furthermore, vendor-provided garments guarantee cleanliness and allergen-free products that maintain hygiene standards.

Another advantage of purchasing your garments from the embroidery shop is their ability to handle any issues efficiently. With an industry error rate of 2%, mishaps can occasionally occur during the process. When this happens, recovery becomes much simpler if you’ve opted for vendor-supplied items.

It saves you and the shop time and resources while ensuring problems are resolved quickly and effectively. Overall, choosing to purchase your garments directly from your embroidery shop guarantees quality and provides peace of mind throughout the process.


In conclusion, it’s best to let your embroidery shop provide the garments for customization. This way, you minimize the risk of damaging your items and ensure a smoother process overall.

When personalizing apparel, trusting the experts can save you time, money, and potential heartache.

So next time you consider custom embroidery, opt for vendor-supplied garments for a hassle-free experience.