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Raving Fan of Kornit

Kornit Customer Service:

I just became a raving fan of Kornit’s customer service and follow up. Last week we had some major issues with our upgrade of software during Kornit’s annual maintenance visit. The software didn’t load properly and I spent 5 hours on the phone with tech support in Milwaukee. Finally, Kornit sent a service tech all the way from Florida to help us (we are located in Seattle).

The tech was able to get us up and running that Monday. However, we missed nearly two weeks of printing because of the  snafu. I figured Kornit would be ducking me because I was livid over the situation.

How Kornit Made Good with Us

Richard, the service manager, of Kornit Milwaukee made good to us by shipping us 24 bottles of ink to apologize for the inconvenience. I was all smiles when the ink arrived today. I had no idea that Kornit would make good on their promise and boy I was wrong. I would like to give a special thanks to following Kornit Staff.

  • Richard Naraine: service manager
  • Dan Sawyer: Kornit tech (Denver)
  • Sharone Villa: Kornit tech (Jacksonville)
  • Paul Borucki: President Kornit North America

I recommend Kornit:

I am the operations manager at Northwest Custom Apparel and we have two Kornit Storm 2’s. We got our first machine in September 2011 and our 2nd machine in 2014.  The staff of Kornit Milwaukee are truly genuine and down to earth and take care of their customers.


Thank you Kornit!

Erik Mickelson

Operations Manager

NW Custom Apparel

Erik Mickelson