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Polyester thread advantages

robison-anton-polyesterPlaying with Polyester

The two most predominant threads used today in the embroidered children’s wear market are polyester filament and spun polyester thread.

The polyester advantage

Spun polyester thread and polyester filament are the most commonly used threads for embroidering children’s clothing. They can easily be stitched on most children’s wear fabrics, and they’re resistant to bleach and other laundry soaps which is important because children’s wear does take a lot of washings. Deco Source has a substantial inventory of polyester thread for its clients. Polyester thread does not support combustion, (meaning that it will melt) rather than ignite when exposed to heat or flames.

Growth in the children’s denim wear has necessitated strong stone wash-resistant thread. Polyester is stronger than rayon and will not break down as much as rayon. This advantage not only improves the quality and durability of the finished product, it also helps assure trouble-free production. Heavier threads in children’s wear have traditionally been used in children’s wear because it reduces the thread count. With the use of appliqués stitch count has become less of a problem and polyester has become more popular because of its durability.

Many improvements have been made to polyester thread, resulting in reduced thread breaks and looping. An extensive availability and color range have also made polyester thread more desirable for use in children’s clothing.

Appearance and touchrobison-anton-rayon

Polyester which is available in 40 or 122 sizes is very popular in children’s clothing because it is shiny and bright. The silky fiber enhances the look of the garment which makes it very appealing in the children’s market. Polyester is similar in look to rayon 40 weight which historically was the go to thread.

Northwest Custom Apparel stocks polyester thread for use in fire resistant clothing.

Spun Polyester

Spun polyester comes in a variety of sizes. Tex 27 is similar to RA40 wt.  Tex 24 is a heavier weight but doesn’t give the clarity of detail. But it can be substituted when stitch count needs to be reduced.

Spun polyester can give the same appearance as cotton thread but will not bleed when being washed.

Both spun polyester and polyester filament threads are great components of the children’s embroidery market. Both threads can be used interchangeably in the manufacturer of children’s wear.

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