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What are OSHA Compliant Safety Vests?

Safety Vests Explained

Safety Vests are extremely important for the safety of your employees. You must learn the different Safety Vest classes ,so your company is in compliance with OSHA standards and regulations.

Why wear Safety Vests?

Safety vests are used to be visible by traffic and pedestrians. The bright Hi-Visibility of safety vests come in two popular colors. The colors are safety orange or safety yellow.


OSHA Safety Vests Class 1
Class 1 Vest are great for parking lot attendants and low traffic situations.
  • A class 1 OSHA safety vest with la ogo is generally used for parking lot attendants and areas where traffic is light.
  • Generally, 25 miles an hour or less.
  • The amount of reflective tape is 155 square inches or 6 feet of tape 2 inches wide.
  • Style UC492 Yellow Safety Vest from Northwest Custom Apparel is a Portwest Nylon Safety Vest with reflective stripes.


Safety Orange Hi-Vis Mesh Safety Vests
ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R Class 2. Hi-Vis Mesh Safety Vest.
  • Class 2  are the most required because they meet the all standards to provide good visibility for high hazard areas with fast traffic.
  • All road construction requires the use of a class 2 vest.
  • Class 2 vests cannot be used for night work.


Class 3 Hi-Vis Safety Vests in Orange
Class 3 Hi-Vis Safety Vests with Sleeves by Portwest Style US373
  • Class 3 vests must have reflective sleeves, so they can be used for night work where a full visible silhouette must be seen.

Reflective material required

  • Class 1 requires 6 feet by 2 inches of reflective tape
  • Class 2 requires 8.3 feet by 2 inches of reflective material.
  • Class 3 requires 13 feet by 2 inches of reflective tape.

Add your logo to Safety Vests.

Logoed Safety Vests with Company Name
Safety Vests with your Construction Company’s logo make you stand out from the competition.
  • Meeting the OSHA Safety Vest requirements allows you to add a logo to identify your employees and company.
  • Logoed Safety Vests will make your employees identifiable while on the job site.
  • Marketing your construction company by adding your business name to the vest will attract customers’ eyeballs to your company name.
  • Washing the safety vests with logos are no problem. You can wash in any washing machine on a permanent press. We suggest you air dry your vest to prevent logo cracking.

Safety T-Shirts are a great marketing tool!

  • Get your brand out to the public to attract more customers
  • More than 300 eyeballs will see your company logo per day.
  • Professional-looking companies invest in their employee’s apparel and look.
Safety Vests
Safety T-Shirts can have your company logo printed between the safety bars. This shirt was printed by Northwest Custom Apparel

Who Sells Safety Vests Near Me?

NW Custom Apparel Safety Vests
NW Custom Apparel is your source for custom printed safety apparel.

Northwest Custom Apparel in Seattle, WA, can provide class 1, 2, or 3 vests that can be logoed to promote your company and meet ANSI requirements for visibility. All vests are required to be safety orange or safety yellow.

A required vest for your employees with your logo and advertising makes sense while adhering to safety laws makes sense.