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Onboarding your new embroidery operator

On boarding is welcoming your new employee

How many times have you brought a new employee on board and you don’t have a plan to welcome them. You are probably too swamped and you just need a live body in the back running your embroidery machine?

What do you tell that new employee on day one. I’d like to introduce you to Carolin.. Carolin is a skilled operator and you will be working with her.

The new employee is lost and confused

Now Carolin is as confused just like the new employee. You forgot to tell Carolin you hired someone. This actually happens in so many embroidery shops without the owner or staff realizing what is going on. The new employee from the git go is now really confused. So is Carolin.

Solution for welcoming a new employee

Before you even bring the employee on board you should have a On Boarding plan of action in place.

After acceptance of the job you should give the new employee a copy of your employee manual. If you don’t have a employee manual you should seriously start to think about developing one. A new employee can read it over and know what to ¬†expect when coming to work for your company.

The manual should have company policies clearly outlined so the new employee can get a idea of what the culture is of the new company.

A nice touch is to send the new employee a welcome basket of flowers. This will really break the stress of the new person coming on board.

Day one orientation

When the new employee arrives it is not best to hand over the orientation to Carolin your number one operator.You should first give a tour of the company and discuss your company culture before moving forward. This responsibility should be the job of your lead floor person.

During the first day orientation show how your company does is sales, marketing, order writing, invoicing and other parts of the order cycle. Take your time and you will realize the benefits.

What about day 2 and 3

These days should be spent acclimating the new employee to the company and getting them into a normal work routine. Let them be a helper with the experienced operator. This actually should take about 3 weeks to make the new person comfortable.

Does the new employee have all the tools necessary to perform the job. Have you provided the tools at no charge. This way they will get the correct tools if you are providing them.

Communication is the key to success

There are so many things to communicate to a new employee about your business. I would suggest having a staff a staff meeting and let your current employees tell you what you did wrong when you hired them. On Boarding is a work in process and should not be a one time event which turns into a mini nightmare.