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NW Custom Apparel great place to work

What we want to create for employees at Northwest Custom Apparel is a work friendly environment. We Employee Cakesascribe to the theory of MBWA. What does MBWA mean? That’s management by walking around. The best way to make a happy employee is to let them know that you care. If you keep walking around the factory, visiting with them, coaching them, pumping them up, they really appreciate it. You create an environment which is, sometimes I get embarrassed by it but, when they see me coming, it’s always, “Hey boss. Hey boss.” You have to keep in contact with your employees.

If they come to work, and they enjoy what they’re doing, and you don’t put a lot of pressure on them, make a work friendly environment. It’s a trick. If you have a whole set of rules, everybody here is different, so everybody here, you manage different, because they all have their own personal needs and desires, and they got problems outside of the work. You want to be when you’re managing, you want to manage from a position of they know you’re the boss but you want to be their friend. Tha
t really goes a long way when asking employees to go that extra mile.

I’m real pleased with what we’ve got. We got people here, like you said, we had Mongkon our plant manager had 32 years, we had Caroline in
carolin 30th anniversary
charge of purchasing at 30 plus years. We’ve got people here now with over 20 years, I think. The most junior person in our factory is probably six years. We’re very fortunate, is that we have a good team effort where everybody gets along, and they enjoy actually coming to work.