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*New* Online Payment for Embroidery Companies: Zoho Invoicing

Do you have trouble getting paid by customers?  I found a great solution to help you get paid faster by credit cards. This product is called Zoho Invoicing. Zoho allows you to create an invoice and email it your customer for payment. The customer will receive a link for payment.  There is a secure gateway to your credit card processing site.

I have found using Zoho makes it easier to get 50% down on an order or payment for art fees.  Customers don’t like to call in and give their credit card number out. Zoho lets the customer type in all their credit card information securely.


1. Secure credit card transaction

2. Receive payment faster

3. You don’t have to call the customer for their credit card number.

4. You can get prepayment for art fees. (we all know that customers don’t like paying art charges)

Below is an example of a invoice used by Northwest Embroidery.


Zoho Invoices
This is an example of a Zoho invoice used by Northwest Embroidery. You can receive online payments via Zoho