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Never Pay for an Embroidered Cap Again

Never pay for a cap again is a bold statement

By Jim Mickelson CEO Northwest Custom Apparel

How do you do it? Co-Branding is actually a great way to get your vendors to help share the costs of advertising expenses. I have picked caps as the medium that can be used very effectively for a co-branded promotion. The neat thing about caps is that they are worn every day and not changed like a logoed tee shirt.

Caps can be bought with ad dollars.

Anyone who uses caps as a promotional product should think discretionary ad dollars for co-branding help.

It is so simple that it is almost stupid. I think back to the days when contractors or big wholesale suppliers would give out bottles of liquor to their customers. It seemed this was the candle which attracted the customers only to get their free liquor. Now I can’t think of one company who gives away liquor to their customers. It is just too dangerous. Just think an accident caused by your free liquor.

Caps are a fantastic give away

This is why we promote caps as a give away to tell our customers thanks. I can’t begin to imagine how many buyers shop at certain suppliers because they give away the caps.

Now to explain how you can get free caps.

First select a premium cap. Do not try to do this on the cheap as it will be self defeating. You want the best cap available and your co-branding partners will also want excellence.

Second approach your biggest suppliers and let them know you are putting a cap program together and you want them to participate.

There are four spots on a cap. The front, two sides and the back. Each spot has value.

Cost per impression

Since a good cap will cost around $8.00 the spots should go for $2.00 each. This is very economical as far as advertising dollars are spent. A newspaper ad gets read once and is discarded, TV spots are too expensive, and direct mail is history.

A cap over its lifetime will be seen at least 2500 times. In advertising talk this is a bargain to for each impression.  The actual cost per impression is nil $2.00/2500=.0008 cents each.

Call and get those free ad dollars

Now that you know the arguments for getting your caps for free start calling your suppliers.

Jim Mickelson

Northwest Custom Apparel