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You must recognize your employees

Employee Recognition

How many companies realize that their most important asset never gets recognized? Employees are the most important asset any company can have. They are loyal, hard working and never complain. But so few employers’ actually say thanks. This article is to recognize the fact that people like to receive praise.1992-picture

Their contribution to the company hardly gets recognized or noticed. This is so common in most companies who think customers are the most important asset.

Employees like to be praised for their ongoing effort. The positive results they contribute to the company need to be recognized. General George Patton said “give me a handful of medals and I can conquer any enemy.”

NW Custom Apparel is partial to apparel as a way to recognize employees. The easiest gift is a tee shirt emblazoned with the company logo. It’s amazing how often these shirts will be worn because of how proud someone is to work for your company. It is also a way to get your brand in front of potential prospects or existing customers. If you sell the product it’s important to let your employees enjoy their own personal experience that they created for your customer.

If it works for your customer it will work for you. We at NW Custom Apparel like to give our employees what our customers are buying for their employees.

Recognition should be a day to day occurrence. Then wait for the anniversary to really say thanks with a nice winter jacket or shirt. Anniversaries are not for tee shirts they are for something really nice. Tee shirts if you are in the apparel business are great to say thanks for a job well done.Carolin Bray 30 Shirts

Employee recognition is the mechanism to keep employees motivated because they know someone cares. There is always a fundamental need to be picked out and recognized.

Carolin Bray 33 years with NW Custom Apparel