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Multi-Head Tajima Embroidery Machines for Sale

Are you looking for a great deal on multi-head embroidery machines?

Northwest Custom Apparel is down sizing it’s production facility and needs to sell three embroidery machines that are in good shape. There is a Six Head Tajima and two 12 Head Tajimas. We have been in the embroidery business since 1977 and take exceptional care of the embroidery machines. We keep up to date with all the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance. Hirsch technicians have deemed the machines in good shape.  Tajima embroidery machines are the premier machines in the industry. They are the Cadillac of embroidery machines. Please call Jim or Erik Mickelson to make us an offer. 253-922-5793. We are willing to make  a deal.

6 Head Tajima

  • Model: TME-HC606
  • MFG No: 1550  2-2A
TME HC606 Tajima Embroidery Machine
Tajima 6 Head Embroidery Machine
TME-HC606 For Sale by Northwest Custom Apparel
  • 12 Head Tajima
  • TME-DC912
  • MFG No. 2130 1-1C
TME-DC912 Tajima Embroidery machine
Tajima 12 Head Embroidery machine. Great Condition
Tajima 12 Head TMFD-C912
Tajima 12 Head Embroidery Machine.
MFG: 1102 101BX
  • Model: TMFD-C912
  • MFG 1102 101BX
  • Tajima 12 Head Embroidery Machine

Please Watch the video of the machines: