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Mr. Rags Founder Passes Away

Mr. Rags Hoodie
Tribute to Mr. Rags Clothing Line. Erik Mickelson of Northwest Custom Apparel printed a tribute hoodie for Mr. Rags and dedicated it to Gerald Misegadis

Gerald R. MISEGADIS Gerald R. Jerry” Misegadis, 62, Mesa, AZ, and former Seattle resident and entrepreneur, died Tuesday, May 17, 2005, in Sidney, NE. Gerald Robert Misegadis, Paul R. and Arlene F. (Johnson) Misegadis was born May 20, 1942, in Sidney, NE, where he attended school graduating in 1960. After York College and traveling, Jerry found he had a gift for persuasion. In 1971, Jerry opened his own young men’s clothing store called Mr. Rags, Ltd. in Seattle. Mr. Rags grew into a chain of stores throughout the western U.S., leading to a successful sale to Claires, a national company, in 2000. Jerry could transform many young people’s lives by teaching them how to “service a customer.” He was the ultimate “motivator” and taught so many to believe in themselves. . Jerry married Sandy Cooper in the early ’70s and later in 1976 married Susan Rosaia. Jerry had no children by marriage but had many “surrogate children” throughout the stores. Survivors include his dad, Paul, stepmother, Velma from Sidney, NE, one sister, Janie, and several nieces and nephews. Jerry had a life shortened too soon due to the nicotine addiction.

Found Memories of Mr. Rags

  • I found $10 in a dressing room at Mr. Rags in Aurora Village once.
  • Where’s my goody comb and Mr. Rag’s painter’s pants?
  • There was a Mr. Rags Ltd (don’t forget the Ltd) on 6th Ave in Tacoma. I never saw one at a mall. And they didn’t call themselves a clothing store. They were “A Clothiary Pub,” whatever the hell that means.
  • My neighbor was Bernie Brotman of Bernie’s Bottoms, Bernie’s Men’s Wear, Penguin Sweaters, and PriceCostco (what is now Costco).
  • Mr. Rags was up on 6th Ave in Tacoma near the Narrows Bridge next to the Narrows Theater in this building. An amicable guy named Jerry drove a Ferrari 308 and was a regular in the bar of El Toritos out by the Tacoma Mall circa 1977-86 or so. The Squire Shop (Brotman) was in the Tacoma Mall across from the Bon Marche. 
  • Another store I shop a lot at was the Outfitter, which was on 19th across James Center.
  • My all-time favorite sweater came from Mr. Rags. I miss that store. And Lamonts. I miss that store too.
  • Didn’t my dad get us kids ‘Rags Bucks’ or something like that? Maybe it was called ‘Rags Bags’? It was a bag full of coins, like twenty dollars worth, that you used as a gift certificate.
  • I bought a Superman muscle shirt at Mr. Rags. But when I wore it, it was just a Superman shirt