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Merch Boxes and Employee Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020

2020 is going to be a fantastic year for employer’s to send out xmas gift boxes to their remote workers and telecommuters. The pandemic has changed the rules of corporate gift giving and owners are ready to pivot and start sending out gifts.

Merch Boxes filled with SWAG

Merch boxes filled with company swag and logos is a great investment in your employees, a great gift and creates brand awareness of your business. Remote workers want to feel appreciated. Could you imagine working from home with no contact and staring a screen all day and wondering if you boss even remembers who you are? Your motivation just drops and your work output suffers. A simple thank you or gift is a terrific way to pump up your remote workers.

The crew at NW Custom Apparel are showing off their newest product line of Company Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Direct Ship to your Employees

No longer do you have to order shirts and caps and then bring it back home and separate and ship to your employees. Companies like Northwest Custom Apparel in Milton, WA will take all that wasted time and stress and ship directly for you.

Erik Mickelson the Operations Manager is loading up gift boxes to be dropped off at the Milton Post Office

Custom Christmas company designs on t-shirts

Give a t-shirt with a custom Christmas design on it. Binford Metals from Kent, WA created a holiday truck themed shirt that was given to all their employees for the holidays.

Binford Metals custom holiday tshirt from 2019 was designed and printed by Northwest Custom Apparel

Print, Pack and Ship individually

Long gone are the days you where you drive down to your local t-shirt shop and put your xmas order in. These days the t-shirt shops do everything for you. They print, pack and ship to your individual employees. Generally the fees range for $5.00 per box for handling and about $12.00 – $15.00 for postage. It is a great time save and stress free.

You an curate your own gift box for 2020.

Call Northwest Custom Apparel to start your order early this year

This year get started early with your employee gifts. Just call Northwest Custom Apparel at 1-800-851-3671 and the sales staff will assist you with curating the perfect gift box.