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How to Market your DTG Printer

Marketing your direct-to-garment DTG printing company in Seattle and Tacoma Washington by industry top dog, Jim Mickelson owner of Northwest Custom Apparel.

Direct to garment printing is not exactly new to the direct to garment printer industry. However, it is getting recognized as a direct print of choice. The benefits for DTG incorporate into any marketing program a digital apparel printing company chooses.

Newbies to digital printing t-shirts should start by digitally printing sample custom t-shirts. Easy production should let you do at least two shirts a day and present them to your client.

At Northwest Custom Apparel, we have a program called the WOW program. We print sample digital printed shirts on the fly and send them to our customer database. The results are excellent. We let our customers know it is easier to mail a complimentary sample and avoid a time-consuming sales call.

Sales Calls are Expensive

Our customers, who are business owners, see our logic. They agree that the days of making sales calls are expensive and time-consuming. In the Seattle/Tacoma area, we are rated number 5 in horrible traffic. Going to Seattle is a half-day event for us. Why should we go when we can get UPS to do the driving?
Another marketing tool we like to use is direct mail. There are so many companies offering printing and mailing services that it would be crazy not to take advantage of this bargain.

Post Cards

We like to design a lovely digitally printed postcard and then send it to our targeted customer database. On average, a 1,000 piece print and mailing will run about $800.00, which is a bargain when you can stay in front of your customers regularly.

E-Mail marketing

E-mail marketing will work if you have a solid customer base to open your e-mails. Please be aware of spam bounces that can hinder your whole direct mail program.