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Self test for apparel decorators to grade your management style

Decorated Apparel Companies Management self-test

Take this 13 part test to measure your company’s effectiveness in day to day management of your and company and employees.  It’ fun to take this test and the results are strictly for you a decorated apparel company owner.

  1. Is each employee told how well they are performing on a regular basis?
  2. Does each employee know what is expected of them?
  3. Does each employee have a chance for advancement?
  4. What objectives do your managers use in evaluating employee performance?
  5. What does the company do to help each employee improve their performance?
  6. Does the company inform employees of any upcoming changes?
  7. Does each employee know how to improve their performance?
  8. Does the company conduct effective meetings where employees are informed of the company’s goals and future agenda
  9. Does each employee have a real opportunity for input or are all decisions made from the top down?
  10. Within reason does the company make educational and training opportunities available to their employees? Will company subsidize educational opportunities for their employees?
  11. Does the company have an effective employee manual that clearly states it policies? If the company has no manual you should create one.
  12. Are there specified means where employees can qualify for raises? Or are raises awarded strictly on an ad hoc basis contingent of the mood of the boss? Does your supervisors show favoritism in supervising employees?
  13. If I were the employee would I want to work here?

Time management

The major of problem small decorated apparel company owners have is that they don’t have the time to think about managing their company. They started generally as a one person enterprise that has grown and now hires additional employees. The tension exists and the owner is frustrated. Employees are trained on the fly and really don’t know what is expected of them. if you review the 13 steps you might have some luck.

The key is to set back, take a breath and review the 13 steps to see how healthy your company is? This 13 point survey is used by Decosource located in Milton, Waa.