Apparel Graphic Academy

Lesson 5 Determining Your Apparel Products and Services

Lesson 5

Determine your products and service

In general you know the products the industry offers. Knowledge of the apparel decorating technologies available to you entails, however, considerably greater exploration of your options, especially to beginners. Yes, the most widely used technologies are screen printing, embroidery, and he printing in terms of production volume. But the cost of the equipment, the space necessary to house the apparatus and put work on it can cause barriers to entry.

Services You Need To Offer:

In its broader sense, the services you’ll need to offer, whether you perform them in-house or outsource them, include preparing artwork, personalization, and a range of other standard customer services, may appear to be more than you can handle. Except in the most highly automated operations of Internet-based businesses, selling decorated apparel and providing customer service is means promptly have any inquiries, coaching customers and negotiating with them when necessary, getting approvals on graphic designs, addressing last-minute surprises, and accurate, timely invoicing  among many other functions.
At first glance, the industries product categories are quite familiar. T-shirts and fashion tops, fleece wear, placketed goods, outterwear, athletic garment, caps, denim shirts, shorts, and infant and juvenile garments. Every category, however, includes most aspects, dozens of colors, a wide variety of shapes and styles, a variety of fabrics including jersey knit, pique knit, 100% cotton, and various applications, 100% man-made fabrics, moisture wicking fabric, and different applications of fleece, among key considerations. In golf shirts, a myriad of  buyers to select from hundreds of different color combinations, trims and piping, bottom finishing options, sleeve finishing options, fabrics, pockets, and more.
When it comes to outerwear, the choices expand further, encompassing an extra range of weather related applications from the types of outer shells, front closures, pockets, neck styling, linings to internal hoods, zip out linings  and zip off sleeves.
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Other Categories

In addition to the plethora of garments available to do Apparel decorators there are yet other categories to learn about, including bags, aprons, beverage insulators, and should you elect at some point to offer them, thousands of items in the realm of promotional products.
Though it takes time to get a firm grasp on what’s available, with the supply chains serving the marketplace, current demand, evolving trends, in the breath of technologies for decorating apparel, new industry entrance and would be decorated apparel marketers can get a Crash Course and further information on the industry today by themselves at some of the free resources provided by popular in the street website., and