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Lesson 3: Analyzing the Needs of the Apparel Graphic Market:

Analyzing the Needs of the Apparel Graphic Market

What characteristics of this market might make your company more desirable better? What can you offer that sets you apart from the competition? Ascertaining qualitative information if you can find it will need indeed find if you look for it will help determine those areas in which your company can move to the head of the class. Key findings here will shorten the learning curve and it’s a marketing cost.

Using the school exercise above we can expect the school buyers needs are likely to differ from some of the key factors a business person would consider Paramount. For schools you want to learn how they’re buying habits and needs can be accommodated by your company to make your vantage there is. You’ve got the best art staff in town but do the schools you’re targeting care about that? Do they buy on concepts quality and great graphics or is it simply all about price. How when and how much do they buy? Do they need everything yesterday? Do they take precise to the number of garments orders from the students before purchasing? And if they do, will they demand guarantees that will cheerfully produce after delivery of the initial order nine more shirts with a five color designed the same 288 run price they pay when they buy the 288 level? Do they require personal presentations and samples where is their purchasing done on bids are limited to their own specs? With a favor Brian from firms who pay taxes in the school district even if the price of the local supplier is 10% higher that out-of-state vendors? Were you an out-of-state vineyard with the equation change at the local gas prices say, 15 to 30% higher than yours?

When you can meet the school buyers needs or exceed them and develop policies that satisfy needs that the buyer had an identified but would appreciate your chances of success in a given marketplace right dramatically. But if you don’t ask and don’t seek and you won’t find to be sure won’t compete effectively.

Businesses have their own hot buttons. But the particular practice of a business buyer differ from schools in that decision can be made much faster than where decisions are impacted by school committees, bureaucracies, and paperwork. That means a business caller who needs a price right now need to price right now. And unlike school buyer’s objective, price to a business person is more likely to be viewed with the understanding that quality and service, better art and better workmanship, and a like me have a worthwhile read beneficial bearing on price.

How often do teachers, coaches, principles, student buyers, and PTO moms demonstrate the second level of understanding? Oh sure school buyers might give lip service to such qualitative issues but their general lack of experience and understanding about value marks their decisions way be much happier on the price that would be the case in the eyes of business person willing to pay fair value for superior quality and service.

The smart business buyer will be generally more concerned with how his recipients ranging from customers and prospects to employees and senior staff react to the garments of the graphics and execution or mediocre if those garments don’t hold up through repeated Washington or look at ordinary. School buyers might appreciate these factors too but more often do they sell after-the-fact where’s the business buyer needs his expectations met and assurance delivered upfront.

It’s cool buyer, often times a volunteer may need to meet with the sales reps in the late afternoon, in the evening or weekends where’s the business buyer wants you to open early and answer your phone on the first ring. He can approve artwork five minutes after to email that while the school situation required at two or more people must sign off on approval and I’d extra step me taking extra day or longer.

Analyzing the needs of buyers any given market and accommodating these needs, if you can, you’re still in the game here. If you can’t service your needs, it’s back to the drawing board to investigate other markets or segments or develop other questions. But if you cannot always satisfy the debt if I need to begin a Vanna just by addressing them better, you’re a big step closer to winning the game.

Because there are so many directions you can take and still make money target in the market analyze and his needs are the toughest to comprehend and often quite confusing among the many challenges your dress and search for the right markets. Once you’ve made your determinations about which markets you’re pursuing, the rest of the steps in the marking process are considerably more finite. But you can expect that the challenges and confusion of cheese in the best direction will likely get tougher before they get easier that’s because you’ll learn throughout this course of this book there are so many good market options you want to explore.


Erik Mickelson

Operations Manager

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Target Your Market with Apparel Graphics
Target Your Market with Apparel Graphics