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8 Steps in Marketing Decorated Apparel: Lesson 1

The Eight Steps in the Marketing Process for Decorated Apparel

Beginning with the foundation of the eight steps, let’s look at the marketing process for decorated apparel with regard to how each phase impacts your decision in becoming a successful seller and marketer of decorated apparel.

8. Reviewing your Success (or Lack of It)

7. Delivering the Product

6. Selling the Product

5. Producing the Product/Service

4. Determining (or Creating) Your Product/Service

3. Researching the Market Potential

2. Analyzing the Needs of the Market (or segment)

  1. Targeting the Market (or market segment)
Decorated Apparel Marketing Example
Custom St. Patty’s Day shirts is an example of a target market. It is focused and precise.

Marketing St. Patty’s Day Shirts:

  • Target Market: Customers that want to purchase custom St. Patty’s Day Shirts.
  • The Needs: Customers want a different shirt than the generic St. Patty Day apparel
  • Market Research: St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest party days in the United States and everybody loves to wear green shirts.
  • Creating Product: 100% combed cotton Kelly Green Tee  Shirt. Printed on Kornit Direct-to-Garment Printers.
  • Producing the Product: Customers will design on our website and then print and ship.
  • Selling the Product: Online sales at
  • Delivering the Product: Ship via USPS or pickup at the factory.
  • Reviewing Success: Determine the total shirts sold and the profit left over.

In the next lesson I will go into detail of each of the 8 steps to market custom apparel. In the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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