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A Legitimate E Mail Address

One thing that bugs the hec out of me is when I visit a website and want to find out where the company is located. Has this ever happened to you. It it so easy today to get some decent art and build a website. The website is designed to make you think you are dealing with a legitimate company and not some garage operation.

Very detailed graphics are available free of charge from all vendors who want you to carry their products. Taking advantage of this free art will enable anyone to build a half way decent website.

So the web site looks decent enough and you are curious about where this company is located. You obviously want to buy local. You can endlessly search the website and the address is non existent. Someone body has a garage operation and don’t want to be discovered.

Some of these low end websites have  a PMB type address. A PMB address is a mail box in a public mail center located in a strip mall. Generally they will list the box number as a suite. How crazy a decent web site tied in with a strip mall mail box.

Here is another pet peave which will blow you away. A g-mail or hot-mall e-mail address. Talk about cheezy. Why would you want to order from a company with a website that has a strip mall address, and a gmail contact.

Check out DECO source the leading DTG Embroidery company in the Northwest. The have a physical address, a real phone number, people talk to you and a real e-mail address to support a outstanding website.

So its buyer beware if you are surfing the web for a deal.