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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Why Kornit is Expensive

The most expensive apparel printing machines on the market are made by Kornit. But are they that expensive? Lets address the question of quality and reliability. The kornit hands down is the best machine on the market.
Where can you go from customer design to printing a tee shirt is less that 30 minutes? Impossible if you are a screen printer.

The kornit will allow you to print as many colors as needed with only one set up. Try doing that with a 6 color printing press.

If you factor in the ease to set up and print on a Kornit,  the cost element goes away.
Decosource has two Kornits and they have given us a license to print money. Our customers love the work and the soft hand from the Kornit water based ink.

The rumor from very reliable sources is that Kornit is building a machine which will do in excess of 500 shirts and hour. Can you imagine 600 multi color shirts with less than 30 minutes setup time. Your art work transfers directly from Corel and Adobe formats. No dirty screens to work with.

Addressing the cost of ink. For a full multi color print on the kornit the cost is around 1.65 each. This is nothing compared to the selling price. Small order runs less than 24 pieces have a average selling price of $12.95. This whole project can be done in less than 4 hours. Try matching this using the screen printing process.

the Kornit inks are organically friendly. The new consumer protection act is requiring that inks contain no carciogenic compounds. The majority of inks which are not water based do violate the new consumer protection act for children under 12 years of age. Decosource products are all chemical free. No harmful chemicals for the kids. Decosource uses Kornit inks exclusively.